International Online Conference on

Traditional and Alternative Medicine

August 19, 2022 | Singapore Time Zone

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Thanks you very much for all our experts to contribute your research knowledge through our conference and our conference meet international standard.

Organizing Committee Members

Here are some of our Organizing Committee Members

Marek Kalmus
Honorary President of Polish Society of TCM
Director of Institute of Chinese Medicine and Health Prophylaxis
Liu Zhen-Huan
Professor, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
Sabina Pettitt
Co-Founder, Pacific Essences.

Wei Ling Huang
Medical Acupuncturist and Pain Manager. Traditional Chinese Medicine Researcher.
Jiankang Liu
Professor, Xi'an Jiaotong University & University of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences

Our Experts Presentations

Keynote Presentation: Sabina Pettitt

Keynote Presentation: Roger Jahnke

Keynote Presentation: Huang Wei Ling

Keynote Presentation: Marek Kalmus

Keynote Presentation: Lanming Chen

Oral Presentation: Zhijiang Chen

Oral Presentation: Ian Edwin Cock

Oral Presentation: Olivier AE Sparagano

Oral Presentation: Renato Leça

Oral Presentation: Folker Meissner

Oral Presentation: Bohdan Wasilewski

Oral Presentation: Dou Kexin

Oral Presentation: Ana Carolina Gonçalves

Oral Presentation: Dora Dragoni Dıvrak

Oral Presentation: Shengtao Huang

Poster Presentation: Xiaoke Qiu